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It's true; most leaders live in a vacuum. They don't receive much feedback from the people they lead.   In fact, they often have no idea how good--or bad--their leadership really is. "Leadership Feedback" is an entertaining and thought provoking video training program that provides the kind of honest feedback leaders don't normally hear. 

This video program is based on extensive interviews with actual employees who gave candid feedback about the leaders they worked for.  Because the interviews were anonymous, employees were free to honestly discuss which leadership behaviors were motivating – or demotivating. 

Six key issues of leader/employee interaction emerged from this research and are illustrated in the video. For each issue, the video shows two scenarios – one with an ineffective leader, the other with an effective one. 

After watching the video, viewers will clearly understand how to generate the kind of feedback that really matters: employee commitment and productivity.

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6 Key Issues of Leader/Employee Interaction:

DVD Purchase: Euros HT 795
DVD video (Running Time: 17 minutes), CD-ROM with leader's guide, plus reproducible participant worksheets in
PDF format and supporting PowerPoint slides.
This program contains optional subtitles.

DVD Rental
One week DVD video with all support materials

Available for Video Streaming. (Hosted or self-hosted streaming) Rates begin at Euro HT 450 for 50 users.
Custom quote available upon request. Email

Available as "hosted" or "self-hosted" e-Learning.
Includes modifiable questions for assessment and post-test. Custom quote available upon request. Email

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