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"Would I Inspire Me? video"
When workers know their work makes a difference, productivity rises and so does job satisfaction. 
- Psychology Today, "Making a Difference at Work"

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What does it take to inspire a work group to greater commitment and productivity? It's not charisma. Rather, it's behavior that any well-intentioned leader can emulate, as this program demonstrates.

The video follows Tom, a competent manager, on his quest to find out what makes Elliot, an exceptional manager in his organization, so inspiring to his workers. He learns that Elliot found what was meaningful in their work, and communicated that - in words and actions - to everyone on his team.

The Would I Inspire Me? video program gives viewers practical ways to make work life more meaningful, productive, and rewarding for themselves and their team.

Now available in French
or Spanish


        New and experienced leaders 

        Leaders at all organizational levels

        Key Training Points
  • 1. Communicate why work is important
    - Use real world examples
    - Express genuine enthusiasm
  • 2. Acknowledge the contribution of every employee
    - Look for reasons to praise people
    - Convey accomplishments to both co-workers and superiors
  • 3. Support your team
    - Pitch in as a team member
    - Remove obstacles to success
  • 4. Create opportunities for growth
    - Go beyond job descriptions
    - Be aware of people's goals

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Available in DVD video

Running Time:  16 minutes

Includes comprehensive 28 page leader's guide with photocopiable worksheets
Trainers Power Point guide
- complete program available for preview.  


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