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" FISH! For Leaders Series videos"
Has your organization lost trust in its leaders?. 

FISH! For Leaders Series

As a leader, your greatest influence is not power or charisma. Itís the example you set for the people you lead and the relationships you build with them.

The FISH! For Leaders Series is for anyone, from business owners to frontline supervisors, who wants to lead more effectively. It will help you:

The FISH! For Leaders Series includes six programs. Each individual program, including video and support materials, is Ä299. Buy any combination of these proven programs to create the leadership training that best meets your needs.

Participant workbooks for each FISH! For Leaders program are sold separately at Ä8.50 each.

To learn more and purchase the individual programs:

Buy The Complete FISH! For Leaders Series, (six Individual DVDs) , at one time, for just Ä999 ó and save Ä795!

Each FISH! For Leaders titles comes with aFacilitatorís Guide Participant Workbook
**There are digital packages available for use on a LMS or Intranet. For more information about online delivery click here **

Purchase: Euros HT 999.00   /  Rental

Available in DVD video, Video on Demand and Streaming Video

Running Time of the The Complete FISH! For Leaders Series:  49 minutes



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