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Leading More with Less Training DVD

"Leading More with Less"
Leadership always matters, but in tough times, it matters a whole lot more.. 

In a challenging environment, how do you inspire employees to become more involved, engaged and productive?

Let’s face it, these days we’re all being asked to do a lot more, with a lot less. Everyone’s feeling the stress, and it’s easy for employees to become unfocused and concerned with self-preservation. In this kind of environment, strong leadership skills have never been more important.

"Leading More with Less" demonstrates six critical leadership skills that will inspire employees through difficult periods. These skills are universal and can be used through good—and bad—times, without spending any scarce resources. The key to understanding how these concepts work, is to see them in action. This video realistically demonstrates both "wrong way" and "right way," leadership examples—and the powerful effect they have on employees. The program is broken down into six distinct sections—with each chapter focusing on a specific technique:

  1. What have you got to hide?
  2. Are you well-informed?
  3. Who’s got the last word?
  4. Déjà vu all over again?
  5. Who do you appreciate?
  6. Who’s watching you?
  • Tell The Truth
  • Create An Open Environment
  • Support Autonomy
  • Challenge The Status Quo
  • Show Appreciation
  • Set An Outstanding Example
If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. - John Quincy Adams
Great leaders know what they stand for, recommit to it every day and ask others to help them be who they say they want to be.

Program includes: DVD video (Running Time: 17.5 minutes), with leader's guide, reproducible participant worksheets in PDF format and supporting PowerPoint slides.
The Leading more with less program is subtitled and is available in Spanish from Formavision.
Purchase DVD : Euros HT 999.00   /  Rental

Available in DVD video, Video on Demand and Streaming Video

Leading More with Less Training DVD Leading More with Less Training DVD Leading More with Less Training DVD Leading More with Less Training DVD

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