ELLIS Academic Suite 3.0

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Le cours d'anglais Ellis just got better

A complete, enhanced solution for
teaching and learning the English
language. With over 1,300 hours of
instruction, ELLIS Academic 3.0 combines
digital audio and video, voice recording, Role-
play, and native language support to create
an engaging, research-based environment
for every level of English language training.


Systems and solutions



ELLIS Basics 3.0 Introducing ELLIS Basics, a completely new product designed to help beginners build confidence, motivation, and a solid literacy foundation! The 18 lessons in ELLIS Basics combine basic vocabulary development with phonic-based, beginning reading instruction to create an integrated learning environment for literacy skills generally taught without this essential context.


ELLIS Intro 3.0 Intro provides basic English survival skills for beginning English language learners using real-life scenarios displayed through video and instruction. The beginning English language learner can enter and communicate in a virtual English world.


ELLIS Middle Mastery 3.0 Middle Mastery is ideal for intermediate learners. Building on basic vocabulary skills, ELLIS Middle expands the experience for the intermediate learner by placing strong emphasis on the grammatical and cultural aspects of the English language.




ELLIS Senior Mastery 3.0 Senior Mastery gives comprehensive English instruction to advanced learners through real-life video scenarios, voice recording and self-guided lessons. All aspects work together assisting the student in reaching language fluency.


ELLIS Placement 3.0 Academic Placement is an adaptive testing program that gauges each learner’s ability in all skill areas: reading, grammar, vocabulary and listening comprehension all in about 30 minutes. Placement is an invaluable tool helping remove the guesswork of identifying learners’ strengths and weaknesses by accurately placing them within the ELLIS Academic Suite of products.


ELLIS Master Pronunciation 3.0 Master Pronunciation solves the challenges all English learners face with speaking and listening comprehension. Through a variety of fun activities, learners of all levels increase their listening skills while decreasing their accents. Over 2,500 Minimal Pairs allow students to practice their listening skills. The Master Tutor feature even draws direct comparison among similar sounds.

  ELLIS Academic Management & Reporting System 3.0 Academic Instructor Utilities tracks students’ strengths, weaknesses, progress and challenges by actively monitoring their activities from their first day with ELLIS through graduation. Instructors can quickly see where time is spent, what activities have been completed, test records, just to name a few. Instructor Utilities provides important insight into the learner’s mastery of different critical skills.

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