ELLIS Academic Management & Reporting System 3.0



The enhanced ELLIS Management and Reporting System allows instructors greater ability to track and monitor individuals and groups through more than 1,300 hours of ELLIS instruction.

With this extraordinary system, instructors enjoy the same broad yet adaptive environment their students do. The many components of the ELLIS Management and Reporting System complete ELLIS' comprehensive solution to English language training.

Instructor Utilities, a major part of the system, is a vast, Internet-capable (but locally controlled) tool that tracks students' progress from their fi rst day with ELLIS through completion. Additional options for teacher control, including new student and instructor reports, the ability to customize curriculum paths, and the power to import records from other databases, allow teachers to gain key insight into students' performance and profi ciency gains. Intructor Utilities:

•  Monitors student progress
•  Tracks lessons completed
•  Records quiz and test scores
•  Tracks time with ELLIS
•  Creates class or student summaries

This superior Management and Reporting System streamlines teachers' work by automatically tracking students' progress and maintaining test records. Its fl exibility allows instructors to create their own curriculum by adjusting program parameters for different individuals and groups.

With over 1,300 hours of instruction, ELLIS Academic 3.0 combines digital audio and video, voice recording, role-play,and native language support to create an engaging, research-based environment for every level of English language training. ELLIS Management and Reporting System is part of this complete, enhanced ELLIS solution for teaching and learning the English language. software

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