ELLIS Master Pronunciation 3.0



ELLIS Master Pronunciation improves the speaking and listening skills of English learners at all levels.

Expanding upon the pronunciation tools in each level of the ELLIS Academic 3.0 suite, Master Pronunciation focuses on pronunciation skills for English learners ages 8 to adult.

ELLIS Master Pronunciation allows students to hear how words sound and to see how sounds are formed. With video models, animated graphics, and native language instruction, students learn where to place the tongue, teeth, and lips to pronounce each sound. Learners can record their voices for comparison to native speakers. Additional features draw direct comparisons among similar sounds.

All-new tutorials in Master Pronunciation focus on a variety of suprasegmental skills such as rhythm, stress, and intonation. Each of these tutorials includes extensive practice opportunities to ensure students master these key aspects of English pronunciation.

Hundreds of minimal pair items allow students to improve their aural discrimination skills, and sound-specifi c tongue twisters provide more pronunciation practice. These may be randomly presented or selected by language background. This fl exibility enables learners to focus on sounds that are problematic for them.

With over 1,300 hours of instruction, ELLIS Academic 3.0 combines digital audio and video, voice recording, role-play, and native language support to create an engaging, research-based environment for every level of English language training. ELLIS Master Pronunciation is part of this complete, enhanced ELLIS solution for teaching and learning the English language.


Not only do our students show increased proficiency in ESL courses, but other instructors have commented on how much better these students are doing in English.


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