ELLIS Basics 3.0



Introducing ELLIS Basics, a completely new product designed to help beginners build confi dence, motivation and a solid literacy foundation!

The 18 lessons in ELLIS Basics combine basic vocabulary development with phonics-based, beginning reading instruction to create an integrated learning environment for literacy skills generally taught without this essential context.

The all-new ELLIS Basics builds sound communication skills for:

•  English language learners from middle school through adult education
•  Learners who are pre-literate in both their native language and English
•  Native language literate students unfamiliar with English training

Each lesson engages learners with a contextual video, native language instruction, rewarding exercises, motivating games, and a quiz. A unique mastery exercise based on researchproven teaching techniques ensures the success of even the most reluctant learners. Mastery of skills in ELLIS Basics helps provide an adequate vocabulary and sight word base in preparation for more advanced instruction.

Students gain much-needed exposure to the rhythm of English as they learn the alphabet, sound/symbol correspondence, sight words, and essential phonemic and phonological skills. Combining targeted content, direct instruction, and play opportunities provides a solid foundation for essential English literacy development.

With over 1,300 hours of instruction, ELLIS Academic 3.0 combines digital audio and video, voice recording, role-play, and native language support to create an engaging, research-based environment for every level of English language training. ELLIS Basics is part of this complete, enhanced ELLIS solution for teaching and learning the English language.


ELLIS is vast and sophisticated. Its flexibility, excellent use of multimedia, and sheer volume make it a smart investment.


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