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[Item Image] Fish
€ 900.00
The incredible film that launched the FISH! Philosophy movement! People watch FISH!
once because it's fun, but they watch it over and over because it's fundamental to
satisfying work–and lives.
FISH! has created a new vocabulary of what our jobs could be about. It's so simple that
it's profound. It won't just change how you view work; it may change how you view life.

Does anyone in your organization ever come to work with a less than positive
attitude? From the folks who brought us The Business of Paradigms, comes an
entertaining, innovative and very dynamic look at motivation, attitude and what makes
people want to get up in the morning and come to work. Filmed on location at Seattle's
famous Pike Place Fish market, this video inspires viewers by showing this unique,
upbeat workplace with its positive employee and customer interactions.

Languages Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, French, French Canadian, Swedish, Chinese

Used for Motivation, Teamwork, Customer Service, Orientation
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