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The People Skills Series

[Item Image] Team Building - People Skills
Teams- whether they are self directed, quality action or regular teams - need to be
productive, constructive and responsive to change. A well functioning team has common goals, is
able to communicate openly and has the ability to learn from mistakes. Discover the 5
characteristics of successful teams and what individuals must do to build the team.

More and more organisations around the world are turning to teams as a key way of structuring
their operations. Whether they be on-going work teams, self directed teams, quality action teams
or whatever, interest in how to build and maintain effective teams is increasing.
For a team to be effective in what it does, and how it does it, five key characteristics must be
present. The absence of any of these characteristics will pinpoint what a team needs to do to

About The Video
Presented by Peter Quarry, a psychologist, this video introduces the idea of team building and
then describes the five key characteristics of effective teams.
To illustrate each point, dramatised scenes show the importance of each key characteristic.

Training Objectives

The video with the leader's guide is ideal for use by an existing team which wants to develop its
teamwork. It will also help team leaders wanting to improve the effectiveness of their teams.
By the end of the session participants will :

• Be able to list and describe the five characteristics of effective work teams.
• Have analysed and evaluated their own team's functioning.
• Have identified and planned follow-up activities to further improve the team's functioning.

Available in French
7 Dimensions / Formavision
15 minutes

Support Materials available: Training leaderís guide.

The preview or hire charge is entirely deducted in the case of the purchase of the videofilm so you
save time and make good decisions.

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