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The People Skills Series

[Item Image] Coaching on the Job - People Skills
Learning how to pass on one's skills to another isn't easy. It takes patience and
understanding. Learn the 5 step coaching technique featured in 3 case studies in different
industries and your instructions will be more clearly explained, understood and learned.
As jobs change to meet new market requirements, people need to learn new skills. Training can
be delivered via a number of methods such as formal classroom training, computer based
training... and on the job coaching.
The people who conduct coaching include supervisors and managers, but also people in other
roles - fellow team members, technical experts, mentors and consultants.
Having expertise doesn't necessarily mean knowing how to pass on that expertise to someone
else. That is why it is important to learn how to teach, train and coach.

About The Video
After an introduction to the five step coaching model, the video presents three case studies
showing typical coaching situations. After each case study, the video can be paused for analysis
and discussion.
Psychologist and presenter, Peter Quarry, then gives his comments about how the coach in each
case study went - what he/she did well and could have done better.

The three case studies are :
• Gaby coaches Helen on how to access client information from the computer.
• Steve coaches Michelle on how to stack shelves at the supermarket.
• Bill coaches Heather on how to make a cold sales call.

Training Objectives
After watching the film and taking part in the training session, participants will :

• Be able to list and describe the five steps to effective coaching on the job.
• Have critically analysed and suggested improvements to three on the job coaching sessions.
• Have identified at least three specific things they can do to improve how they coach others on
the job.

Available in French
7 Dimensions / Formavision
15 minutes

Support Materials available: Training leaderís guide.

The preview or hire charge is entirely deducted in the case of the purchase of the videofilm so you
save time and make good decisions.

To view this title free of charge please make a reservation in our Paris viewing room.

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