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Management Strategy

[Item Image] Paradigm Pioneers
Paradigm Pioneers" is the third video in the Discovering The Future series.
Using examples of paradigm pioneering individuals and organizations, the film explores the
characteristics, perceptions, and motivations of paradigm pioneers.
"Paradigm Pioneers" will help you understand the risks of a "settler mentality" and help you
rekindle the pioneering spirit in your organization. It is a complement to the existing two videos
:"The Business of Paradigms" and "The power of Vision".

Training Objectives

This video program helps viewers understand why some individuals are poised to take advantage
of the opportunities created by paradigm shifts while others merely watch them pass by.
Applications are as varied as the organizations using the program, but common benefits identified
by the users include :

• Defines how opportunities are generated by paradigm shifts.
• Explores why certain individuals can take advantage of paradigm shifting opportunities, and
others cannot.
• Illustrates the paradigm curve and its relationship to problem solving.
• Identifies and discusses the personal characteristics of a paradigm pioneer.
• Provides organizations with a new cast of characters (pioneer, settler) and for each, a set of
behaviour traits.
• Suggests how to improve paradigm pioneering ability.
• Stresses the importance of leaving the "settler mentality" and rekindling the pioneering spirit in
an organisation.
• Provides a "common language" with which vision can be discussed.
• Stresses the importance and strength of the community vision.
• Shows us that we all have the ability to shape our own future.

Available in French
Charthouse / Formavision
Videofilm 31 minutes

Support Materials available: Training leaderís guide.

The preview or hire charge is entirely deducted in the case of the purchase of the videofilm so you
save time and make good decisions.

To view this title free of charge please make a reservation in our Paris viewing room.

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