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[Item Image] The Power of Vision
"The Power of Vision" is the second videocassette in the "Discovering the Future" series.
According to host Joel Arthur Baker, almost all successful individuals and organisations have one
thing in common : the power and depth of their vision of the future. Compelling goals and a
positive, meaningful vision of the future provides purpose and direction in the present.
In "The Power of Vision", Mr. Barker shows us how a positive vision of the future is essential for
providing meaning and direction to the present. He demonstrates how a meaningful vision
empowers us to solve problems and accomplish goals. Through examples, he emphasises how
visions of the future affect organisations, nations and individuals, adults and children alike.
This 30 minute program filmed on location in Europe and throughout the United States is
designed to complement "The Business of Paradigms".

Training Objectives
• Gives insight to building or improving an organisational vision.
• Clarifies the concept of vision : what it is and what it isn't.
• Illustrates how thinking about the future gives meaning to the present.
• Demonstrates the positive power a meaningful vision can have within an organisation.
• Provides a "common language" with which vision can be discussed.
• Stresses the importance and strength of the community vision.
• Shows us that we all have the ability to shape our own future.

French version available

Some of the organisations already using The power of vision

3M * ABC Connection * Aema Life & Casualty * Air Products & Chemicals * Alexander &
Alexander * American Express * Amoco * AT&T * BASF * Boeing Aerospace * Boise Cascade *
Bridgestone/Firestone * Brigham Young University * Bristol Myers * CBS Records * CIA *
Champion Intíl * Chase Mahattan Bank * Chevron USA * Coca Cola USA * Colgate Palmolive *
E.I. du Pont * Eastman Kodak * Eaton * Eli Lilly * Exxon * Fluor Daniel * Ford Motor * GE *
General Dynamics * General Mills * General Motors * Goodyear * GTE * Hallmark * Hercules *
Hewlett Packard * Hoechst Celanese * Honeywell * Hughes Aircraft * IBM * IRS * ITT * JC Penney
* Johnson & Johnson * Kimberly Clark * Levi Strauss * Lockheed * Marriott * Martin Marietta *
McDonalds * McDonnell Douglas * Milliken * Mobil Oil * Monsanto * Motorola * Nabisco * Nestle
Foods * NY State Educ Dept * Northwest Airlines * Novell Inc. * Occidental Oil & Gas * Pacific
Bell * Pentagon * Philip Morris USA * Proctor & Gamble * Purdue University * Quaker Oats *
Ralston Purina * Scott Paper * Tenneco Inc. * Thiokol * Toro Co. * TRW * Union Carbide * Unisys
Corp. * United Way * Upjohn Company * US Army * US Dept of Defense * US West * Wang
Laboratories * Westinghouse * Weyerhaeuser Corp. * Whirlpool Corporation * Xerox Corp.

Support Materials available: Training leaderís guide.

The preview or hire charge is entirely deducted in the case of the purchase of the videofilm so you
save time and make good decisions.

To view this title free of charge please make a reservation in our Paris viewing room.
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