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Better Customer Service video training

[Item Image] Managing for customer care

This unique video focuses on the ways managers can support and nurture good customer care
-leading by example
-motivating their people
-empowering their people
-providing information

The characters are believable, competent people learning how to improve their customer care
management skills. Managers relate to and learn from these positive models. Show your
managers how to manage for customer care and the work you do with frontline staff will be
supported and reinforced every day.

You'll never see a better video for training managers in the skills of motivating and empowering
their people to give really excellent customer care.

By concentraing on customer perception is their own organisation, managers can come up with
ideas for improving the service to their customers - without spending more money on additional

Learning includes:
- helping managers to understand what customer care really is
- helping managers to understand the importance of excellence in customer care
- helping managers to understand their role in providing excellent customer care
- giving managers the skills they need to help their people deliver excellent customer care

Video: 29 minutes

accompanied by:
Trainers guide including
4 learning units: what is good customer care, why does it matter, the manager's role (motivate,
equip, lead, inform), the management skills of customer care (empowering, listening, appraising)
16 suggested activities

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