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[Item Image] FISH! Tales: Jump Start
FISH! Tales: Jump Start
Bite-size stories. Unlimited possibilities.

The aim
To show how any organisation can adopt the FISH! Philosophy successfully.

About the programme
FISH! tales show how organisations that seem to have little in common with the Pike Place
Fish Market are creating more energy, joy and effectiveness through the FISH! Philosophy.
These short, inspiring films answer the question, "What can I throw at work?"

Rochester Ford Toyota is a car dealership in Minnesota that had the worst record for sales
and customer service in its region. Even worse, the employee satisfaction scores were so
low they were almost immeasurable. Good employees were leaving in droves. But when a
new owner introduced a new philosophy—The FISH! Philosophy—everything changed!

Go behind the scenes as the employees at Rochester Ford Toyota use The FISH!
Philosophy to transform a divisive workplace into one of teamwork, cooperation and fun. Plus
go from worst to first in their region! You’ll see how to Jump Start the energy at your
workplace... and keep it revving!

The key messages
-Re-energises and re-motivates everyone in the workplace
-Encourages and empowers all levels of staff
-Improves relationships and attitudes at work
-Transforms the profile and productivity of your company

DVD FISH! tales: Jump Start (12 mins)

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