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[Item Image] The Business of Paradigms
"Discovering the Future : The Business of Paradigms" makes people aware that we view and
understand the world through our paradigms. Understanding the power of paradigms can be a
crucial step towards breaking through barriers to innovation and unlocking our resistance to
Training Objectives

This video program has been used by thousands of groups around the world. Applications are as
varied as the organizations using the program. Some common benefits defined by the users are
as follows :

¥ Explains why change is seen as threatening to most people.
¥ Provides key insights on how to improve the process of innovation.
¥ Helps people understand why they may have been unsuccessful at dealing with change, and
how to get better at it.
¥ Increase people's abilities to become more exploratory.
¥ Shows organizations where to look for the kinds of revolutionary changes that fundamentally
rewrite the rules of "the game".

Chart House International, USA
Available in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch

Support Materials available: Training leader’s guide.

The preview or hire charge is entirely deducted in the case of the purchase of the videofilm so you
save time and make good decisions.

To view this title free of charge please make a reservation in our Paris viewing room.

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