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[Item Image] English Discoveries
The Ultimate Multimedia English Learning Experience

English Discoveries introduces a revolution in language learning, incorporating multimedia
elements and native language support in over 15 languages and immersing the student in an
environment where all elements of English language learning--listening, speaking, reading,
writing, grammar and vocabulary--are available. The series includes 9 exciting Adventure
Games, each set in a different English speaking city.

The 11 CD-ROMs provide over 1000 hours of language learning. Teacher tools include tests,
lesson-planning and record-keeping.

English Discoveries is suitable for ages 11 to adult and is divided into the following levels:

Letís Start
1 CD for absolute and false beginners.

3 CDs from post-beginner to pre-intermediatefor learners with 1-3 years of English language

3 CDs from pre-intermediate to pre-advancedfor learners with 3-5 years of English language

4 CDs, including Review for post-intermediate to advanced for learners with 5 or more years of
English language instruction.

Minimum Hardware Requirements: Windows 3.1 or higher, 4 Mb RAM (8 Mb recommended),
CD-ROM drive, CPU 386 or higher, mouse, sound card, speaker or earphones, microphone; 9
free on hard disk for each CD. Windows Ď95 compatible.

English Discoveries has a few options that do not exist in English Plus: it has lessons,
utilities (where you can define lessons), entry and exit tests, and a grammar book.

The new version, which needs 4 giga free on the server, is a multi-user version and it works
only with the CDs of English Discoveries. This version has a setup CD, from which you can
install all CDís (12) of English Discoveries to the server. In addition, it installs the Teacherís
Management System to the server. The Teacherís Management System enables the teacher
to define classes, students, get reports (for a specific student or for a specific class), and
define lessons. In this version, there is no need in CD drives at each station and no need to
keep the CDís. All work is done on the LAN from the server.

The multi-user version can also be used by installing the single CDís of the product (total of
12) in the CD drive of each workstation. Only the Teacherís Management System and some
general files are installed on the server. In this case you need only 150 mega free on the

Simultaneous use by several students of the same module does not cause any problem. All
the file sharing on the server is handled by the software. Students can work on the same
modules without any problem in either of the versions mentioned above.

English Discoveries
Les tarifs en Francs HT
Nį of Work Full pack Let's start Basic Intermediate Advanced
stations / site 12 CD ROM 1 CD 3 CD 3 CD 4 CD 1
disk space 4.500 MB 231 MB 1102MB 1101MB 1327MB 711

1 to 5 7350 705 2120 2120 2825
6 to 10 9195 885 2640 2640 3540
11 to 20 10720 1025 3080 3080 4105
21 to 50 12260 1175 3540 3540 4715
51 to 100 13600 1300 3920 3920 5230

More than 100 workstations? Call Formavision (01 47 08 12 12 ) or email us at
Upgrade : 30 % of the above tarif

English Discoveries Series


Grade level = 5 and up

Each license of the English Discoveries Series includes the following:

Let's Start
Teacher's Guide

The program will be shipped with French as the support language. This means the program
assumes French-speaking students will be using the program to learn English. Additional
support languages are available for a nominal charge by contacting Formavision for
information and ordering.

Minimum System Requirements for English Discoveries Multi-user Version

1. Server:
Pentium 300 MHz
64 MB RAM (128 recommended)
Hard disk - 6.4 Giga (to allow space for adding information)
CD ROM drive
Sound Card, microphone and earphones if working under Windows 95 as a workstation
NT Server or, Novell (recommended) or Windows 95 (workstation)
Network interface card 10/100 MBit/s
UPS recommended

* An Internet connection, a modem and a browser are required to link up to the English Web

2. Stations:
Pentium 133 MHz
Windows 95/98
Full multimedia: CD ROM, Sound Card, Microphone and earphones
Network interface card 10/100 MBit/s

3. Network
Cables: 10 Base-T UTP, CAT 5 per station
Hub 100 MB or Switch 10 MBit/s (recommended)

System requirements for specific product, as stated in this catalog, are minimum guidelines.
Check product packaging, documentation or product announcements for complete, detailed
system requirements.
Edusoft / EMME / Formavision

To view this server based training system free of charge please call us 01 47 08 12 12 or
email us, we already have more than 40 sites in use in France alone on LANs or Intranets.

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