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[Item Image] Feedforward: Coaching for Your Future
Feedback has many benefits, especially for leaders. It tells you how you are impacting the
people around you. In that sense, feedback is much like the arrow on a shopping mall map
that says "You Are Here". It tells you where you are but it doesn't tell you where you want to

“Feedforward”, a new video learning program hosted by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, is the entire
map. It helps you get to where you want to be in your relationships. This simple, yet
powerful process, helps you choose one behavior to improve, follow up regularly with the
people who are most affected by your behavior, and most important, to stick with the
changes you've made.

Feedforward will help you:

* Become a more effective leader and listener.
* Create the future you want, rather than rehash the mistakes of the past.
* Improve your live at work...and at home.

The Feedforward program includes:

* FeedForward video
* Video on 21 common behaviors that hold leaders back
* Video with tips for coaches
* PDF workbook.

DVD 22 minutes

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