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Interview techniques

[Item Image] The human touch appraisal interview
Whatís the ideal performance appraisal? Itís frequent communication and feedback on the job.
But what about those annual form-completing sessions that so many supervisors dread?
Supervisors who prepare for them correctly will motivate themselves and the employee.

The human touch: Performance Appraisal
Main Training Points
• Prepare and plan the performance appraisal
• Warm up the appraisal atmosphere
• Improve performance by building on strengths
• Review and revise the job function
• Set new objectives with the employee
• Eliminate personal bias
• Be candid and specific
• Evaluate your own performance

Specific benefits
• Training leaderís guide contains two session outlines, photocopiable worksheets, role
plays, handouts, discussion tools and exercises.
• Ideal for internal training
• More training in less time for more people at less cost.

Training objectives
You can use The Human Touch Performance Appraisal to:
• Present the concept of performance evaluation
• To exteriorise and dedramitise an important and in some cases an unpleasant subject
• Prepare, run and follow up Performance Appraisal courses

Target audience
Everybody at every level of the organisation
Jack, a newly hired department head, stops by his bossí office to ask about performance
appraisal procedures. Jackís boss explains to him that a performance appraisal isnít just an
annual question asking and form completion session, but it is an on going process of frequent
communication and caring. The conversation is highlighted by examples of proper and improper
performance appraisal techniques.
Available in French version
30 minutes

Support Materials available: Training leaderís guide.

The preview or hire charge is entirely deducted in the case of the purchase of the videofilm so you
save time and make good decisions.

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