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[Logo Image] DVDs and training videos on demand

Welcome to Formavision Interactive

[Item Image] Easy to see and easy to use
Easy to see and easy to use

Preview service : Direct to your door, upon your request, we will send your preview for -
35 Euros plus 15 Euros postage for 24 hours -. Please note you are stating that the preview
will not be used in training and that you will return it within 24 hours.

Buy at no risk : Hire and test before you buy, we will deduct the hire price from your
purchase, which will be covered by a 2 year guarantee.

Do more with less : With training videos & multimedia, you do more training to more
people in less time at less cost, over a longer period of time.

One stop shopping : Most of the selected Formavision titles are available in French,
German, Italian, Spanish and other European languages. Contact us to speed up and
personalise your training in Europe.

Catch the waves : While you are surfing on the NET, stop at our site and leave us a
message. Our adress is : http://www.formavision.com or visit our on line training site at

Our email is Formavision@easynet.fr

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87-89 Rue des Rosiers,
Le Mont Valerien,
92500 Rueil Malmaison
Telephone: 06 75 03 55 47
E-Mail: dvd@formavision.com