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Welcome to Formavision Interactive

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Effective learning through understanding

FORMAVISION SARL incorporated in 1977 is still at the forefront of video communication
and performance improvement in education and adult learning and now on-line learning.

The organisation was created by education and media specialists to produce and distribute
professional training media that would immediately combine the highest standards of
television films with pedagogical impact based on the simple idea ' a good training film, CD
Rom or server based training media does not have to be boring to be effective.'.

Today Formavision has a video catalogue of 120 French training video films and 180
language training video films and 90 training kits in other European languages. Over 25,000
on line courses from htpp://www.formavision.net . These
media are distributed in 100 countries and used by over 500.000 organisations training over
10million people. Each of the video films and media use different techniques to
communicate and transmit a large number of messages to diverse audiences.

Formavision is one of the founding members of the European Training Media Association.

Formavision commercial partnerships are based on the following goals:

1. To distribute the best training media available, accompanied by documents to
facilitate and maximise their use and impact by the end users.

2. To facilitate the use of training media through presentations and train-the-trainer
arranged regularly throughout France and Europe.

3. To encourage the use and choice of appropriate media by trainers, educators and
managers with a viewing room service permanently available in Paris and through 24 hour
on-line services.

4. By careful analysis of permanent customer and end user feedback concerning the
effectiveness of our products, services and systems.

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87-89 Rue des Rosiers,
Le Mont Valerien,
92500 Rueil Malmaison
Telephone: 06 75 03 55 47
E-Mail: dvd@formavision.com