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Delegation, Training and Supervision

[To Image Page] Feedforward: Coaching for Your Future
Feedback has many benefits, especially for leaders.
[To Image Page] Coaching on the Job - People Skills
Learning how to pass on one's skills to another isn't easy. It takes patience and understanding.
[To Image Page] Empowering People - People skills
Encourages people to take more initiative, be more responsible and reach their potential.
[To Image Page] Managing Empowerment.
As the film opens, we see empowerment in action, with staff using their initiative, being trusted by their managers
[To Image Page] Mediating Disputes-People Skills
Many people have difficulties effectively handling disputes or personality clashes.
[To Image Page] Supervising for service
Aimed at three different levels of the organisation 1. Top management 2. Supervisors and 3. Front line Staff Available in 6 European languages
[To Image Page] The Empowered Manager
The story focuces on one manager's struggle to empower herself and her people.
[To Image Page] The Sid Story
Sid transformed himself and his department from the company's embarrassment into the company's reigning success story.
[To Image Page] Emotional Intelligence by Dr. Goleman
Dr. Goleman presents his ground- breaking discoveries on the emotional mind, offering viewers the knowledge & tools to improve their emotional reactions
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