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[To Image Page] LeaderFISH!: Learning development
LeaderFISH! is a complete personal development course, excellent for both individual and team learning.
[To Image Page] FISH! Tales: Jump Start
Bite-size stories. Unlimited possibilities. To show how any organisation can adopt the FISH! Philosophy successfully.
[To Image Page] FISH! Tales: Building Trust
Bite-size stories. Unlimited possibilities.
[To Image Page] Becoming the Best
The follow up to the successful 'Who killed the sale?' or the US version 'We're on the same team remember?' video training films.
[To Image Page] Fish
FISH! has created a new vocabulary of what our jobs could be about. It's so simple that it's profound.
[To Image Page] The Business of Paradigms
Understanding the power of paradigms can be a crucial step towards breaking through barriers to innovation and unlocking our resistance to change.
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