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Sales and Negotiation training videos

[To Image Page] The Invisible Meeting
How productive was your last conference call?
[To Image Page] LeaderFISH!: Learning development
LeaderFISH! is a complete personal development course, excellent for both individual and team learning.
[To Image Page] Dealing With Price Resistance
Essential training for all sales staff, proven techniques to transform product knowledge and sales training knowledge into the confidence to close at your price
[To Image Page] Do We Have a Deal?
The four key phases to negotiaion: prepare, debate, propose and bargain. Based on Gavin Kennedy's work.
[To Image Page] Sales Negotiating: Concepts and Practice
This video with leader's and participants guide presents concepts and strategies that prepare them for intense negotiations for major contracts
[To Image Page] Salesmanship on the line
Increase sales production and establish long term business simply by focusing on your customers problems- and satisfying their needs
[To Image Page] Sell more and sell at the right price
Follow up to major sales training courses such as Getting the business and keeping it. 2 or 3 day seminar
[To Image Page] Selling our services
Aimed at three different levels of the organisation 1. Top management 2. Supervisors and 3. Front line Staff Available in 6 European languages
[To Image Page] Presenting To a Group- People Skills
Whether it's selling to strangers or getting an idea across to your peers, public speaking in any sense usually strikes terror in the hearts of most.
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