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Welcome to Formavision Interactive

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We would like to tell you why we have prepared this catalogue for you in particular.

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By theme, the best individual training medias from around the world, for use in meetings, seminars, or conferences by your managers and trainers.

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This catalog also exists in French. Consult it on our web site or ask us to send you the diskette. (http://www.formavision.com)

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Simple hires or our Location Groupée Six pack system

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Situated 10 minutes from the Etoile, overlooking Paris from the Mont Valerien we now offer parking spaces to our visitors

[To Image Page] About Formavision
FORMAVISION SARL incorporated in 1977 is still at the forefront of video communication and performance improvement in education and training.

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Preview service and on line demos Buy at no risk Do more with less One stop shopping for a complete solution

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Suggestions to make your ordering of Formavision products easy and safe

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