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Video on demand - Annual Subscription charges - 16 Training titles in 78 clips
A twelve month renewable rental system for video clips delivered online.
An Economic Just in Time Solution, individual clips are priced from 10 to 30 Euros.
Click on the underlined title to view each videoclip online

The subscription does not include the other 400 training films in our
French and English training video catalogues
which are available through the Club Formavision
or the Vidéotheques d'Entreprises de Formavision FR collections.

16 titles : 78 video clips
The Doing Business in France Clips


DBIF08 Appraisal interview
DBIF08.01.01 Welcome
DBIF08.01.02 Assessment
DBIF08.01.03 Expectations
DBIF08.01.04 Objectives
DBIF08.01.05 Conclusion

DBIF10 Recruitment
DBIF10.01.01 Rehearsal
DBIF10.01.02 Welcome
DBIF10.01.03 The Agenda
DBIF10.01.04 Self Presentation
DBIF10.01.05 Investigation
DBIF10.01.06 The Company & the Job
DBIF10.01.07 Conclusion
DBIF10.01.08 Reporting
DBIF10.03 ITW- Rejecting a CV

DBIF17. Team Leader
DBIF 17.1 Set objectives (-)
DBIF 17.2 Delegate (-)
DBIF 17.3 Control (-)
DBIF 17.4 Debriefing (-)
DBIF 17.5 Motivate (-)
DBIF 17.6 Negotiate (-)
DBIF 17.7 Say no (-)
DBIF 17.8 Criticize (-)
DBIF 17.9 Congratulate (-)

DBIF18 Young manager - Just promoted
DBIF18.1  Super salesman (-)
DBIF18.2  Coaching (-)
DBIF18.3  Coaching (+)
DBIF18.4  Criticize (+)
DBIF18.5  Motivate (-)
DBIF18.6  Remotivate (+)
DBIF18.7  Conflicts (-)
DBIF18.8  Conflicts (+)
DBIF18.9  Ask for help (+)Conflicts (+)


DBIF19 Project leader
DBIF19.08 Change management (+)

DBIF20 Time management & prospection
DBIF20.01.01 Error1 : 9h-12h
DBIF20.01.02 Error2 : 12h-14h
DBIF20.01.03 Error3 : 14h-16h
DBIF20.01.04 Error4 : 16h-18h

DBIF21 Diversity & discrimination
DBIF21.01 Recruitment before
DBIF21.02 Recruitment
DBIF21.03 Recruitment after
DBIF21.04 Recruitment testimony

DBIF27 Prejudices & Handicap
DBIF27.01.01 Prejudice
DBIF27.01.02 Intercultural
DBIF27.01.03 Diversity and Handicap
DBIF27.02.01 Handicap & Performance 1
DBIF27.02.02 Handicap & Performance 2

DBIF30 Teleworking management
DBIF30.03 Vs side by side management
DBIF30.05.01 Best practices1
DBIF30.20 Teleworking advantages

Sales & Negotiation

DBIF06 Negotiation B2B
DBIF06.01 Nego B2B (+)
DBIF06.02 Initial offer (-)
DBIF06.03 Initial offer (+)
DBIF06.05 Lesson 1
DBIF06.06 Lesson 2

DBIF07 Prospection
DBIF07.01 Set an appointment1 (+)
DBIF07.02 Set an appointment2 (+)

DBIF25 Customer Services
DBIF25.01 Customer Services
DBIF25.02 Share info error
DBIF25.03 Team spirit error
DBIF25.04 Customer services (-) 1
DBIF25.05 Customer services (-) 2
DBIF25.06 Customer services (-) 3
DBBIF25.07 Customer services (+) 1
DBIF25.08 Customer services (+)2
DBIF25.09 Customer services (+)3


DBIF12 Answering the phone
DBIF12.06 Complaints (-)
DBIF12.07 Complaints (+)

DBIF13 Leading meetings
DBIF13.01 Internal meetings (-)
DBIF13.02 Internal meetings (+)
DBIF13.03 Customer presentation (-)
DBIF13.04 Customer presentation (+)

DBIF23 Stress management
DBIF23.01 Adult to subdued Child
DBIF23.02 Adult to rebel Child
DBIF23.03 Criticisms & complaints

DBIF29 Training
DBIF29.X0 Opening a training session (+)
DBIF29.X1 PowerPoint slide show (-)
DBIF29.X2 PowerPoint slide show (+)
DBIF29.X3 Training in progress (+)

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Ordering video clips
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